Hiram: 4 Years + 10 Months

April 6, 2014 § 1 Comment


This month was a biggie. It seems like Hiram is changing or trying new things every minute of every day.

How about Thhhhhis? Hiram has strong enough command of language now that he’s started taking phonetic liberties for the sake of style. For example, he periodically emphasizes the “th” in words like thhhhis or thhhhat. “Eldyn! Do you want thhhis crayon? Or thhhhis one?” It just started this month and seems like a new kind of self-awareness? Either that or he just likes how it sounds.Regardless, it makes him sound very cute er, I mean, cool.

Snap! Hiram can snap his fingers! It’s another skill he developed this month although he swears he’s been practicing non-stop since he was a newborn.

Art Explosion: For the first time in his life, Hiram has been making art prolifically and begging us for more time with his markers. Also (and this might be mama delusion talking) I feel like I can almost guess what he’s drawing based on some basic clues. For example, the one below is of the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (+ one large blue robot). See if you can tell and scroll down for hints.


  1. Mickey Mouse: Red
  2. Goofy: Wearing his signature hat
  3. Daisy: A duck with a purple bow
  4. Donald: A duck with a blue hat
  5. Minnie: Like Mickey only with a purple outfit
  6. Pluto: A dog
  7. Large Blue Robot: Large Blue Robot

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1 Year + 10 Months


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