Write a Novel: April Update

April 24, 2014 § 1 Comment

This month I was always a little behind on my novel.

(My sassy voice of reason has now taken over the keyboard to tell all of you that she fought me hard to scale back my novel goals and now see? I’m still behind. Even with the reduced list of goals. Ha, she was right.)

She was right. But I am not discouraged. I am more than halfway through my short story rough draft and am excited about it. I think I might conquer the rough and review drafts in close succession in May.

Short Stories

My micro stories are not getting quite as “finished” as I had hoped, but man! They’re providing me with a lot of interesting content. The rough short story draft I am working on is the result of a micro story. I’m surprised to see how often the same characters show up in completely different-seeming stories. One of these characters is a really bad stalker. Which is ironic.

I can’t help but appreciate this stalker for his horribly bright and obvious red hoodie and ridiculous antics that are supposed to be sneaky. I wonder where stalker guy will ultimately end up. He’s desperate for some ink time, that I know for sure.

Micro Stories

Abigail is there too. She’s getting more and more clear in my mind but I’m most worried about completing this section by the end of May. I definitely didn’t give myself enough time to put it all together in the way my mind wants it to be. This might set me behind. Or be my project during Birthday Party Break.


All in all, still fun. I do notice that I am too busy now to “accidentally” finish this work. I might need to make some more intentional choices next month in order to stay on track.



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