An Easter Milestone

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment


The bike Hiram learned to ride without training wheels was getting too small for him, so we got out the next size up. Hiram took to it like a champ and noticed right away that the bigger wheels facilitated a much faster ride. After 15 minutes on this bigger bike, he was already asking for a chance to ride solo around Lake Harriet.

“Can we ride bikes around the lake?”


Hiram knows me well enough now to know that the way I said “sure” meant I didn’t understand. So he said, “No. I mean. Eldyn rides with you on your bike. Daddy rides on his bike and I ride on my own bike. Alone.”

After darting frantic glances at Brad, who responded with his typical, stoic, “you’re overreacting” face, I said, “Sure!”

The next thing we knew, our bikes were loaded and we were off in the car. And then we were already there. And I was telling Hiram he needed to listen (OK) and do exactly as we said (OK) and stop the minute we said stop (OK). Which is exactly what he did. And he made it around the whole lake by himself. And so did I. Which was actually the bigger question in my mind.

When he got off his bike he was doing his strut.

“Eldyn, do you have any questions for me?” he asked.

Eldyn and I thought of a question which was, “How did you do it Hiram? Tell us how you made it the whole way around all by yourself.”

“Well,” said Hiram with his big brown eyes focused intently on his little brother. “I fought the falling downness. I fought it. And I made it all the way around.”



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