Memorial Day Tail Tale

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It’s the 1 week anniversary of Memorial Day 2014. What better reason to finally post the pics? Just for fun, here’s a Memorial Day Tail Tale to go along with the photos.

For the second annual time, we decided to take a Memorial Day bike trip (18 miles round trip) to Isles Bun and Coffee. Our goal: to eat Puppy Dog Tails (a.k.a. long, chewy, frosting slathered baked goods) for lunch.

18 miles is no small thing when you’ve got a 4.95-year-old on the Afterburner (a.k.a. a third wheel attached to the back of B’s bike) and Lew who’s 2 strapped into a bike seat behind me. These kids are tolerant. But.

  • Hiram can only pedal so long at a time (although for the record, he ultimately pedaled all 18 miles).
  • And Eldyn. Well, he’s 2. And strapped into a bike seat behind me.

All this means is that our 18 miles were broken into segments divided by parks. The Rabbit.


The park with the pulleys.


The old-school wooden park at Lake Calhoun.


And finally, the Lake Harriet Park.


During this craziness, Hiram lost his tooth. Where you ask? Well. We’re not sure. But we do know it was somewhere between Lake Calhoun


and his third bite of puppy dog tail.


He didn’t notice himself until we were already halfway home. Luckily, all this documentation was enough for the tooth fairy. She found his tooth, appraised it, and gave him two golden dollars. Hiram is thrilled that all his brushing and flossing has finally paid off.



Before and After

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This is my baby before his tooth fell out.


This is my baby after his tooth fell out.


The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

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Virgin Suicides

I finally read this book. The silver lining associated with my:

  1. Complete inability to stay awake for a movie after 9 p.m., and
  2. Complete lack of time for watching movies anyway

is that – even though this book has been out AND a movie for 15 years –  I still had no idea what it was about. I’m serious. The silver lining with THAT is that you guys get a completely unbiased and fresh perspective on this book.

The Virgin Suicides. We chose it for book group and, judging it by its cover, I was pretty worried it was going to be depressing. It wasn’t. It was delightful. Eugenides’ narrator choice was brilliant and allowed for a mood that was at once light and completely appropriate. Also, for being a guy, he found a perfect, charming and enlightening way to write a book that  is really quite a lot about girls. He did this well because he was strategic and true to himself and I admire that about him.

My only beef is HOLY SMOKES MEANDER.If you’ve got plans to plow through this book, maybe re-frame your goal. Eugenides takes his sweet time. It’s almost like he’s sitting in his house fantasizing about how crazy he’s making all his Type A and progress-oriented readers. Except probably not since he wrote this book so long ago. He’s probably over it by now.

The Long Road to the Dentist

May 23, 2014 § 1 Comment

Hiram is always drawing new things.

Lately, he’s been drawing the most awesome “road” pictures. Roads that wind all around and happy little cars bumping along.

The other night I was looking through a stack of new art and I found one that had a road, but no cars. The something on the road looked more like a person. I asked him about it and he told me it was “mommy and me going to the dentist.”

He and I walk to his dentist.  The actual, literal path is much more straightforward but when I think about it, he’s right. It does feel like this when we go to the dentist. It’s a lovely walk.

I am in love with this most perfect interpretation.


path to the dentist

Say What: Idea

May 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

Last night it was me and the boys for dinner and bedtime. This phenomenon always makes me want to live it up a little. So when Hiram said this, the answer was a slam dunk.

Hiram: You know that place? That place by where we get gas? You know? Not where we get gas but right by where we get gas across the street? But not right across the street? Across across. By Caribou? You know where you go and you can pick your flavor? And they have birthday cake flavor? And you get chocolate chip? And they have cherries you can put on top? And we went there last year when it was hot outside?

Me: The Grand Old Creamery?

Hiram: Yes! Can we go there?


Eldyn: 2 Years + 5 Months

May 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

lews big bed

Brute Force: I think I could have done more to teach Eldyn about gentleness at an early age. I was always so worried about him holding his own. But now that he’s got more weight to throw around, it’s coming back to bite me. At story time he barrels his way over and plops down in my lap (so he can get a good view, of course.) Then he takes his elbow to my thigh to resituate himself while simultaneously kneeing me in the stomach and kicking me in the face. Cuddle time has definitely taken a turn towards less relaxing. But at least he’s comfortable?

Solo Time: Sometimes now, you can catch Lew playing and lost in his own little world. You know he’s there when he starts talking to his toys. “You are being naughty, truck! No thank you!” Or, “Do you want to color, baby? OK, do you want yellow?” I love to listen but the second he catches me paying attention, he stops.

Big Bed: For the first time in almost 5 years, not a soul in our house is confined to a crib! Eldyn made the transition to a toddler bed in April and it was painless. At least it was painless for me. Eldyn found it upsetting to repeatedly fall (6 inches) out of bed the first few nights but now he’s nearly got the hang of it. He does try to escape now and then, but the hardest part about that is trying to act mad. He’s just so cute when he’s getting away with something.

I know. We’re in trouble.

Eldyn: 1 Year + 5 Months

Eldyn: 5 Months

Mother’s Day 2014

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Mother’s Day is so much fun with these boys!

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