Mama’s Boy

May 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last year, Eldyn was perfectly happy to ride along in the seat on the back of my bike. This year, not. This year, he wants to take his OWN bike along when we set out on a trip to the rabbit or around the lake.

This shift shouldn’t be surprising but it still caught us off guard. Which explains why last weekend, we forced his little legs through the holes in his bike seat and endured almost an entire ride to the soundtrack of all-out screaming. In our defense, when we started we didn’t realize how long he could scream.

What is sticking with me about the experience was something that happened just before we forced him to come along. He didn’t realize Hiram’s old bike was different from the ones that are endowed with training wheels at school. He was being typical Lew. Defiant and insistent. He marched himself over to Hiram’s old bike, pulled it out of the garage himself (no small feat given the organization in there) and swung his leg over the seat. Then he pushed off, started peddling and fell over.

With the toppling of his bike came the toppling of something else. Something I guess it’s important to have topple now and then, but something I hope he can stack back up soon. “Why did my bike fall over?” he asked me quietly with a look on his face I have never seen before. He put the bike back into the garage without argument. We put him in his seat and buckled his helmet. Only then, he started screaming bloody murder.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“I want to ride my own bike,” he said through tears.

If I hadn’t seen that look on his face, I would have assumed Eldyn was crying because he was 2 and we forced him to go for a ride. But since I did see that look, and since I heard the sound of his voice when he asked me why he fell, I knew he was crying about something much more upsetting than a ride along the creek on a very nice day. Lew was crying because for possibly the first time ever, he just couldn’t do what he set out to do.

When he finally settled down on our ride, I put my hand back and rested it on the front of his seat. He took my thumb and held it tight. I rode one handed as long as I could even though it wasn’t a safe thing to do.



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