The Tire Question

June 2, 2014 § 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, we did a Craigslist Blitz. A Craigslist Blitz?? It’s nothing fancy. It’s simply the name we gave to our decision to devote a whole weekend to being at the beck and call of Craigslist customers. Our idea was to use the money we earned blitzing to get “something of interest” for the boys to play with in the backyard.

The blitz wasn’t as bad as we had feared, although we didn’t sell everything we posted.

One of the things we didn’t sell was three tires. I know! Who even thinks to post three tires on Craigslist? It was the tire store guy who said to do it.

Brad did a very good job on that tire posting. The write-up had a lot of details. We had pictures. We even did that thing where you stick a coin in the tread and take a picture of THAT. But it turns out we used the wrong coin.

Still, we did not sell the tires.

Somehow in this process, the tires got set out in the backyard and became “something of interest” for the boys. Here’s what I mean:


A donut hole for the pool!



A tire tower!



The perfect backdrop for a picnic!

You might think this is all working out perfectly! Except now, weeks after our official Craigslist blitz, someone wants to buy the tires.

We are frozen with indecision.


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