Who’s the Boss?

June 4, 2014 § Leave a comment


Eldyn’s the boss. We can tell because lately he’s been busy telling us what to do.

  • When we’re getting into the car, Eldyn climbs into the passenger seat and says, “Shut the door, mama. You sit in the back.”
  • Eldyn also likes to sit in the driver’s seat. When he sits there, he shifts all the levers, adjusts all the moving parts and says, “Pick a song!” while he pushes on the radio buttons.
  • One morning he found the window open in the living room he said, “Shut the window! Right now!”
  • We thought it was a little warm in his room so we turned the fan. “Turn off the fan! It’s too cold for me!”
  • One night after story time he told all three of us to lay down on his floor. “Shhhhh! Go to sleep!” he said. Then he shut the door and left.
  • He always asks me what’s for dinner. “Cheese tacos?” I say. “No,” he says. “Asparagus?” “No.” “Raspberries?” No.” “Macaroni and Cheese.” “Yes, we can have that. I like that.”
  • This morning I asked him what he thought I should wear. I showed him two different dresses. “No, I don’t like that one. I don’t like that one.” The he took a very nice blazer out of my closet and said, “Wear this!”

Luckily, he’s adorable.




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