June 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

LewLew is in the copycat phase. He is extremely lucky his brother thinks it’s funny (and not annoying like I did when I was the big sister of a copycat who, as I distinctly remember, would never shut it.)

None of us are surprised Eldyn wants to copy his brother because his brother is awesome. But we are a little surprised Hiram has the patience to go entire conversations (and more) without any relief. And when I say “go entire conversations,” I don’t mean he just goes entire conversations. He willingly goes entire conversations and then sometimes encourages Eldyn to copy him more.

The other day Hiram actually helped Eldyn copy “Hiram being copied by Eldyn.” Did you get that? Here’s how it went down.

Eldyn asked Hiram: “What are you doing, Hiram?”

Hiram said, “Just reading books.”


Hiram was kneeling at his bed looking at books so Eldyn grabbed a book, knelt down right beside Hiram and started reading books. Every time Hiram turned a page, Eldyn turned a page. So, Hiram started doing funny things with his book. So, Eldyn started doing the same funny things with his book. Hiram started laughing. Eldyn started laughing. They did this for a few minutes.

Then Hiram said, “What are you doing, Eldyn?”

Eldyn said, “Just reading books.”

And then Hiram said, “Just reading books.”



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