Eldyn: 2 Years + 6 Months

June 16, 2014 § 1 Comment




We celebrated Eldyn’s half birthday over the weekend. After being a totally great sport about Hiram’s birthday parties a few weeks ago, he was more than ready for things to be all about him.

What We Eat: What to eat? What not to eat? Eldyn has been working hard on keeping these distinctions straight. We don’t eat bugs! We don’t eat flies! We don’t eat toys. We eat food.

All By Myself: Eldyn only ever wants to do stuff by himself. All by himself. Last weekend I was chopping up veggies for dinner when Eldyn came in and announced he was thirsty. “OK, get some water,” I said, still chopping. It turns out this is all I need to do to get him to ask for help. “Can I use this cup?” “Can I get the water” “Should I shut the fridge?” Yes, yes, yes.

My Middle Name: The other day, Eldyn told me his full name for the very first time. True to form, he says it in a way cuter way than I do. Eldyn Lew-Lis. I love you.

Eldyn: 1 Year + 6 Months

Eldyn: 6 Months 


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