Hiram: 5 Years + 1 Month

July 7, 2014 § 1 Comment


See To It: Hiram has recently realized that he can influence his own destiny. For example, when he noticed I was acting non-committal about having a bonfire over the weekend, he just went ahead and started setting up chairs. Next thing we knew, Bumpa was building the fire and there were marshmallows on all the roasting forks.

LEGO-splosion: Hello parents who complain about walking on Lego with bare feet in the middle of the night. We have arrived in your world and I see what you mean now. Boats that can fly. Very fast cars with windshields that open and close as long as you’re very careful. It’s equal parts a little bit out of control and completely fantastic.

Make the plan. Make the thing. Dreaming up and making things is a priority for Hiram right now. This includes all kinds of crafty projects like a very complicated water gun made from tape and cardboard and a hand-drawn television that (very realistically) only shows one picture all the time and has at least two different remotes. “Mom, can you hand me the remote for my TV?” he asked me. I handed him one that seemed to have all kinds of buttons. Enough to do the job at least. “No,” he said,  “Where’s the other one?” (sigh).


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