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It’s official. Hiram can read words. He sounds them out and when he realizes he knows the word, he giggles with delight. Every single time. It is one of the most amazing milestones so far and I couldn’t be more proud of how hard he works on learning to read.

A few weeks ago, one of his cousins came from Wisconsin. She’s 9!! (Happy Birthday Emma!) and proceeded to read to her sister, Hiram and Eldyn almost the entire time she was here. Ever since then, it’s been Hiram’s dream to be able to read to his brother and other company who come by (see above.) We’re so happy Emma was willing to share her skills with our kids and have such a positive influence on Hiram!

Also I should mention that Sweet B is THE BEST, most patient reader-helper-daddy I have ever seen in my life. Now that Hiram has the hang of sounding out words, we’ve been spending a lot more time on “story time” before bed. Half the time, I can’t even participate because I’m so busy trying not to cry about how much I love watching those two work together on the word “again.”




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