Vacation Remembered: Monday, July 28

August 7, 2014 § Leave a comment


Monday was a transition day and it felt like it. My personal highlight happened right away in the morning when Hiram and I found a “secret path” to the bathroom at our campground. Then he drew a map and spelled out the title: “Mama and Hiram’s Secret Path.”

We spent the rest of the morning making sure our camp stuff was organized and that we had hard-boiled eggs. We tried to swim but the pool was closed so we went back to the cave to do the treasure hunt which turned out to be in a sandbox. Then we drove to Milwaukee.

Our first stop in Milwaukee was the coffee shop Colectivo. This place received rave reviews from several of my friends and lived up to the hype. My only gripe (not their fault) was that it was a little crowded for the state of the boys (nuts). Then, we hung out on the Riverwalk where the boys continued to act like crazy people and Hiram got a monstrous sliver.

We went back to the hotel room in time to swim (nope, no swimming, this pool was ALSO closed,) Favorite Things Dinner, baths and the (epic) removal of Hiram’s sliver. B and I were seriously worried we were going to get kicked out of the hotel for noise violation.

Here’s what we had for Favorite Things Dinner (and who picked it):

  • A cheddar cheese chunk in the shape of a motorcycle (Hiram)
  • Other cheese including something called a cheese whip (me)
  • Chopped up cantaloupe (Eldyn)
  • Olives (Brad)
  • Wine (me)
  • Baguette Bread (Standard FTD requirement)
  • Salami (Hadley and Brad)
  • Chocolate covered Oreos (family consensus)

Vacation Badges Earned:

  • Map Making
  • First Aid

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