Vacation Remembered: Friday, August 1

August 11, 2014 § Leave a comment


Lew was the most done with Chicago but both boys were pretty fritzy by the time we made it back to our train at Union Station. The trip, first by train and then by car was one that I wouldn’t want to repeat. But our destination was Wisconsin Dells and the boys forgave us when we got there. They couldn’t believe their eyes. We set up our tent in record time and then ran off for a round of turbo-mini golf before the rainstorm forced us out to eat for dinner.

There was a Mexican place across from mini-golf so we went there. This time, the whole family had had “what she’s having.” Margaritas all around! Hiram and Eldyn loved their virgin versions.

That night was another rainy camp night but we all had Chicago to sleep off so we were happy to turn in early. We fell asleep to the pitter-pat of rain on our tent and significantly less lightning than we had the last time it stormed.

Vacation Badges Earned

  • Super travel troopers
  • Mini-Golf

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