Hiram: 5 Years + 2 Months

August 13, 2014 § 1 Comment


Vacation Highlights: Just to ease myself back into real-time blogging, here’s a list of the Hiram’s vacation highlights. He gave me this list the night we got back home.

  1. Playing mini golf three times
  2. Camping three times
  3. Our hotel
  4. Swimming
  5. Jumping off the swimming platform
  6. The Dolphin Show – dolphins, and whales and a sea-lion
  7. Seeing the man feed the shark
  8. Making up my own dolphin show
  9. Eating a happy meal with yogurt
  10. The car I got in my happy meal
  11. Eating a big pancake
  12. The jumping pillow
  13. A good dinner

Tooth #2. As if I don’t need more to remind me that Hiram’s halfway to college, he lost his second tooth. At least we managed not to let him swallow/drop/throw it away so dealings with the tooth fairy went more smoothly than last time. I feel certain the tooth fairy now has that cute little tooth locked safely away in a place where she will never, ever lose it.

Oh Hiram. One night after bedtime I had what can only be described as a complete meltdown over finding out what Hiram would be offered for hot lunch on his first day of kindergarten (waffles). After that, I realized that it would probably be best to just tell him that he’s going to see his mama cry about kindergarten. To take the pressure off, you know? I said, “When you see me cry, don’t worry. It’s tears of joy.”

“Why will you have tears of joy, mama?”

“Because, baby. I’m super proud of you.” (tears)


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