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One of the songs that we added to our vacation soundtrack is called “It’s Good to be Us” by Bucky Covington. My friend recommended this song when she heard about our “Chicago-bound” project. When she described it as a song about being happy to be alive, I knew we needed to add it to the list.

At first, this song suffered from the problem of being unknown. Sometimes the boys wanted to skip it in favor of something more familiar. But over time, it started getting played more often and now it’s a favorite.

My favorite part about it is that Eldyn named it “George.” Whenever it comes on, Eldyn says, “This is George.” And then he does a specific, circular motion with his hands and bounces his head up and down like a rock star.

I don’t know why it’s called George. The name of the singer isn’t George. The title doesn’t sound like George. There aren’t even any words that rhyme with George in the lyrics. But somehow now, George seems like a perfect thing to call it.


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