Kindergarten Recap: Week 2

September 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Week two was a roller coaster. We had the best mornings of kindergarten drop-off so far. We also had the absolute worst day of drop-off I’ve ever experienced in my life as a working mother. That was Tuesday.

After school on Tuesday, Hiram’s teacher gave us a book called “The Kissing Hand,” which I was almost too defeated to try reading. But it worked. We read it three times and then Hiram and I made a plan to do “The Kissing Hand” on Wednesday.

Major Mom Fail on Wednesday when I was so worried about repeating Tuesday that I bolted when Hiram wasn’t looking and didn’t do our plan. That night at bedtime, Hiram said to me, “Mom, this morning when you dropped me off, I turned around and you weren’t there anymore. You forgot to kiss my hand.”

I told him I didn’t forget but that I thought he seemed OK and was worried kissing his hand was going to be too upsetting. He said, “Mom, I won’t cry. But you have to kiss my hand.”

I kissed his hand on Thursday and then again on Friday. It worked on Thursday but then Friday was a slightly less traumatic reenactment of Tuesday.

Despite all this – if you forced me to draw a trend line, it would be going up.

A major highlight was a reunion (of sorts) at Hiram’s old (Eldyn’s current) school. Hiram walked into a room full of old friends and for a few minutes, I got to see my baby. Taller, confident, happy and of course sweaty. I took this photo as a goal and inspiration. Someday, I’ll pick him up from Kindergarten and he’ll be back to here:




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