8 Ways Love is a Lovely Paradox with You

September 9, 2014 § Leave a comment


This handsome man is mine all mine! Happy Anniversary Sweet B.

Our lives and schedules all changed this fall, but B has been the constant and that makes me appreciate him more than ever before. I’ve been thinking about how the messy times are actually the cleanest times because you get to really see what you’ve got. Love is a lovely paradox that way.

That’s why, when I was trying to think about an 8-long list I could put together in honor of our 8-short years, I decided on: 8 Ways Love is a Lovely Paradox with You.

  1. Holding your hand makes my heart race and slow down.
  2. Being with you makes time fly and time stop.
  3. You help me see how to soar and stay grounded.
  4. You help me know I am safe and exposed.
  5. You show me why I should laugh when I’m crying
  6. You make me wish time would stop and keep going
  7. You know I know everything. And nothing. And you love me anyway.
  8. Your simple, complicated love is one of life’s greatest gifts.

I love you. I’m the lucky one. Happy 8.



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