Back by Popular Demand: Family Car

September 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Late last week the whole family finally came to terms with one simple fact: we missed Family Car.

Family Car is the morning ritual of reverse Sardines. We all pile into one car and drop each other off, one-by-one, until Brad is left alone to take himself to work.

When H and E both went to the same daycare and my bus stop was on the way, Family Car was convenient. Now that H goes to Kindergarten across town from daycare, it looked less good. On paper.

In reality, Family Car is much more than convenient. It’s the glue that makes our day. Without realizing it, we had all grown to love this morning routine and I’m surprised at how long it took us to figure out that we needed to get it back. By “us” I mean me n’ B. Hiram and Eldyn were telling this to us all along.

I miss daddy.

Why isn’t my brother here? 

I wish mama could come in our car.

And so, it’s back. In all its clunky, non-six-sigma glory. Somehow we all agree that it makes us more efficient. And happy.



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