Hiram: 5 Years + 4 Months

October 6, 2014 § 2 Comments


Kindergarten, Check: Hiram makes amazing progress each week and I am so proud of him for tackling new things and working hard to make friends. It’s especially fun to see the things that capture his imagination, like the class caterpillars (a.k.a. butterflies) and A/BBB patterns.

Art: It was time to officially get rid of his nap on the weekends and focus on getting him to bed earlier. This means he needs to keep himself busy for one hour of “quiet time” on the weekends, which has not been a problem. Hiram has turned into an art machine. 8 to 10 unique masterpieces in one hour. I wonder if that makes Megan Moore jealous.

Coach Hiram: Once Hiram learns something new, his first instinct is to teach it to us. I love this! The new things I’ve learned since Hiram started kindergarten include games, rules and how to spell words in the “at family” (hat, cat, pat, mat). He also taught Giki how to draw a robot.

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