Hiram’s Project

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Sweet Hiram. He’s been missing his old preschool with a vengeance. A few weeks ago, after we dropped his brother off one morning, Hiram got an idea.

“Mom,” he said, “Maybe I could go back to preschool as a teacher and show all the kids what I’m learning. I could do a kindergarten project.”

It sounded like a lot for him to take on. But. I told him I’d ask.

The phenomenal teachers at his old preschool welcomed the idea with open arms and yesterday was (finally) his day to go back, visit and do his project.

This was a stretch assignment for him, of course. Planning it out, thinking through the details and getting ready to talk in front of a group were all things he got to do.

It was also a stretch assignment for me. Planning, thinking out details, getting ready to talk in front of a group. These are things I know how to do. I almost messed everything up with my need to make sure he was “all ready” and didn’t get embarrassed. I don’t think I messed it up. But I wasn’t perfect, either.  He, on the other hand, was amazing.

On our way in he told me “I’m scared.” But, he went in anyway and in his own way, got the kids to do a version of his project. He made the age-appropriate adjustments mid-stream (with only a small amount of panic when he realized things weren’t going according to plan) and everyone left with a “picture of a car” they could be proud of. When I asked Hiram how he thought it all went, he said, “Mavnifikent!”


12/9 Update: Finally posted the picture – see it here.


Snow Angel

November 20, 2014 § 1 Comment

It was Hiram’s idea to shoot this series of flip-book photos.


Chest 2

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When Eldyn had to stay home with me last week, he finally got his hands on the coveted “Chest Set.” He was in heaven because his brother wasn’t there to impose all those nonsense rules. I was also eager to see how Eldyn played chess and now I know.

  1. Set up all the pieces. It really doesn’t matter where you put them. They don’t even need to be on the squares or in a line or anything. The important thing is that ELDYN sets them all up.
  2. Look hard at the pieces. Then pick one up and set it down somewhere else. Again, don’t worry if it’s actually in a square. Clearly the horses are the best so move those a lot.
  3. There is no taking turns. Eldyn does the first four moves. Then it’s “my” turn but Eldyn moves my pieces for me.
  4. Enough is enough! Time to clean up!

Eldyn: 2 Years + 11 Months

November 15, 2014 § 1 Comment


 Wait? Which one are you? Now when Lew climbs into our bed in the morning I sometimes really don’t know if he’s Eldyn or Hiram. He’s getting so tall and when he whispers, I can’t tell who is talking. I think other people are finding it harder to determine which one is which, too. Or else they just think we’ve got twins. Eldyn’s dream in life is coming true!

Going Platinum: I made up a little bedtime song for Eldyn and the way he loves it makes me feel like a double platinum singer/songwriter. One part leaves room for improvisation “I hope you dream about [insert something happy here].” But, he’s hooked on the original. May you always dream about kitty cats and puppy dogs, little one.

Ready, Get Dressed, Go: Eldyn loves to get himself dressed. He’s so proud of himself, Brad and I never have the heart to tell him all his clothes are backwards. Luckily for everyone, his daycare providers have no time for that bologna and always send him back home straightened out.

1 Year + 11 Months

11 Months + 4 Days

11 Months


Slave and Sister, by Sabra Waldfogel

November 13, 2014 § 1 Comment

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.21.08 PM

Here’s one to read. Slave and Sister by Sabra Waldfogel – an author who is making waves on Amazon and for good reason. This is a skin-in-the-game kind of novel. Waldfogel takes you places with a certain hand, but never makes you feel led. The next part of the story dawns on you. Then the next part of the story happens. Not exactly in the way you thought but in a way that makes you say, “Ha!”

Here’s another thing. When I met my husband, he didn’t drink red wine. I liked red wine and drank it anyway. He liked me and so he drank it sometimes too. Then later he confessed that he didn’t like red wine before because he didn’t understand red wine. He said (and I think this is adorable) that he didn’t know you weren’t supposed to gulp it.

Stay with me.

Waldfogel’s book is plum full of history. Rich, amazing history. It’s also full of intimate details about the Jewish faith.

When you read her story, you can tell she loves history. And the Jewish faith. She loves these things even more than I love red wine.

I’m no history buff myself. I’m also not Jewish. But the way this book talks about these topics helps me see the color. The tannin. The legs of a part of history I thought I knew about. The subtle flavors of the Jewish religion. Again. A certain hand. Taking you on a tour that only Waldfogel can guide. You will love this about her book, too.

And last, but certainly not least, this book is a complex love story. A love story that has you hoping for the best but not knowing what the best really is. Or could be. Kind of like real love, sometimes.

So pick this book up and read it. You won’t regret it.

The Best Way to Say

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Eldyn has ways of saying things that is just dang adorable. For one thing, he is starting to learn how to make things plural so everything has a lot of extra syllables.

  • Shoes-es
  • Crackers-es
  • Deers-es

He’s also working on past tense, which means also, extra syllables.

  • Hiram took-ted my shoes-es and then he hit me right on the eye!
  • I ate-ed my crackers-es
  • I just see-ted two deers-es!

He also says stuff despite not really knowing how. This is my favorite thing he does. I really need to document these better because I can tell it won’t last long. His sentences are getting “better” all the time. OK, documentation starting now, with what he said when he woke up to discover it was snowing.

  • Hey! Snow is coming out!


November 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Riding in the car gives Hiram and Eldyn a lot of time to sit, think and come up with questions.

This reminded me that I wanted to write about how whenever Hiram feels ready with a bunch of new questions, he says, “Can we talk about [insert topic]?”

We say “yes” and he begins. Here are some of the topics and questions he’s asked us lately.

Topic: Police Cars

  • How do the sirens work?
  • How do the lights work?
  • What is a policeman’s job?
  • Do they shoot people?

Topic: Hunting

  • Do hunters use guns?
  • What animals do hunters shoot?
  • Why do hunters shoot animals?
  • Why do hunters eat animals?
  • What if a rabbit was white and the snow was white and the hunter couldn’t see it? Would the hunter shoot the rabbit?

(Related) Topic: Deer

  • Why does a deer have a white tail if it’s trying to hide in the woods?
  • How does a deer smell a person?
  • How does a deer smell a gun?
  • Is a deer nocturnal?

Topic: Engines:

  • How does an engine work?
  • Why can’t I hear an engine if it’s always exploding?


Now, can we talk about Brad?

Topic: Brad

  • How does Brad know answers to all these questions?
  • No seriously, how does Brad know answers to all these questions?

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