The Best Way to Say

November 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Eldyn has ways of saying things that is just dang adorable. For one thing, he is starting to learn how to make things plural so everything has a lot of extra syllables.

  • Shoes-es
  • Crackers-es
  • Deers-es

He’s also working on past tense, which means also, extra syllables.

  • Hiram took-ted my shoes-es and then he hit me right on the eye!
  • I ate-ed my crackers-es
  • I just see-ted two deers-es!

He also says stuff despite not really knowing how. This is my favorite thing he does. I really need to document these better because I can tell it won’t last long. His sentences are getting “better” all the time. OK, documentation starting now, with what he said when he woke up to discover it was snowing.

  • Hey! Snow is coming out!


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