Eldyn: 2 Years + 11 Months

November 15, 2014 § 1 Comment


 Wait? Which one are you? Now when Lew climbs into our bed in the morning I sometimes really don’t know if he’s Eldyn or Hiram. He’s getting so tall and when he whispers, I can’t tell who is talking. I think other people are finding it harder to determine which one is which, too. Or else they just think we’ve got twins. Eldyn’s dream in life is coming true!

Going Platinum: I made up a little bedtime song for Eldyn and the way he loves it makes me feel like a double platinum singer/songwriter. One part leaves room for improvisation “I hope you dream about [insert something happy here].” But, he’s hooked on the original. May you always dream about kitty cats and puppy dogs, little one.

Ready, Get Dressed, Go: Eldyn loves to get himself dressed. He’s so proud of himself, Brad and I never have the heart to tell him all his clothes are backwards. Luckily for everyone, his daycare providers have no time for that bologna and always send him back home straightened out.

1 Year + 11 Months

11 Months + 4 Days

11 Months



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