Hiram’s Project

November 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Sweet Hiram. He’s been missing his old preschool with a vengeance. A few weeks ago, after we dropped his brother off one morning, Hiram got an idea.

“Mom,” he said, “Maybe I could go back to preschool as a teacher and show all the kids what I’m learning. I could do a kindergarten project.”

It sounded like a lot for him to take on. But. I told him I’d ask.

The phenomenal teachers at his old preschool welcomed the idea with open arms and yesterday was (finally) his day to go back, visit and do his project.

This was a stretch assignment for him, of course. Planning it out, thinking through the details and getting ready to talk in front of a group were all things he got to do.

It was also a stretch assignment for me. Planning, thinking out details, getting ready to talk in front of a group. These are things I know how to do. I almost messed everything up with my need to make sure he was “all ready” and didn’t get embarrassed. I don’t think I messed it up. But I wasn’t perfect, either.  He, on the other hand, was amazing.

On our way in he told me “I’m scared.” But, he went in anyway and in his own way, got the kids to do a version of his project. He made the age-appropriate adjustments mid-stream (with only a small amount of panic when he realized things weren’t going according to plan) and everyone left with a “picture of a car” they could be proud of. When I asked Hiram how he thought it all went, he said, “Mavnifikent!”


12/9 Update: Finally posted the picture – see it here.



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