Hiram: 5 Years + 6 Months

December 8, 2014 § 1 Comment


My Mister Buster Brown Eyes is closer to 6 than 5!

A Solid B: All Hiram’s hard reading work is paying off! He graduated from AA to A and now to B! Not sure if these reading levels are an industry standard but they sure are a fun measure of success at our house. The best news is that Hiram still loves it and tries hard, even as the words get longer and harder.

Movie Night: With the exhaustion that always comes around by the end of the week for Hiram, we’ve been opting for at-home pizza and movie nights on Fridays. It’s fun, but tricky to find a movie that doesn’t make him cry. Last week he cried when Tigger thought he would never bounce again. This is either an indicator of how sensitive a soul Hiram has, or how much he loves to bounce.

Bravery Badge: He’s earned it this month. Things he did that were truly Hiram Brave include:

  • Sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for MagnaTiles
  • Singing an unexpected duet at church (with his little brother) when all the other kids were out or sick
  • Doing his project

Incidentally, he also got a new nickname. It makes him giggle when I say it, which is sure to make it stick. It’s Rummy Cub. As in, “Hi-rummy cub.”




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