Eldyn: 3 Years!

December 12, 2014 § 1 Comment


He’s seemed like 3 for months now, but Sunday is officially his big day! Although if you ask him how old he’s going to be, he says “four.” Here are my favorite Lew trends lately:

Good Night. JK. Eldyn is testing everything and especially the concept of bed “time.” He flat-out refuses to accept it. Tuck him in and before you’re even out the door, he’s already headed towards the lamp so he can turn it on and get back to business. The other night I went into his room to find all the  things from on top of my dresser arranged nicely on his bookshelf. And he was wearing my sleep mask on his head. And his blanket was under our bed. And his stool was strategically placed for ready-access to my jewelry. And he was wearing a totally different outfit.

Christmas Wonder: This is such a fun Christmas with Lew. I don’t think he actually remembers last year so this year it’s like he’s experiencing everything for the very first time. I first realized this when we  told him what we were planning to do with our Christmas tree. His response: “Nooooo! We don’t put a tree in the house!”

What? Eldyn has learned to say “what?” like this. He says it all the time and although it’s actually quite rude-sounding, it’s still very hard not to laugh. Especially when he says it as an answer to very everyday things.

“Eldyn, do you want an apple?”



“Eldyn, please put your coat on.”


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