Hiram’s New Year’s Resolution

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Just in case you can’t read this amazing piece of writing by Hiram, it says, “My New Year’s Resolution is to help my mom write books.”

This child “fills my bucket.” Big time.


Write a Novel: January Update

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My deadline for my 37th Year Novel Goals has passed and I didn’t get everything done. I’m bummed but that is just the way it had to be. It doesn’t mean it’s over though. It just means you poor people will have to keep seeing my charts from last year until I finish everything. Plus, you’ll *get* to see my new charts starting next month.

Don’t worry. It won’t be for long. I might even be done after the “writing day” I scheduled for myself on February 4. Here’s where I am so far:

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.01.00 PM

Still the fun part left on the 8 houses study. This little wedge suffers from scope creep as I keep thinking of new things I want to do to round this study out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.01.14 PM

Oh! So Close! I just need 60 minutes and this last little 2014 micro story will be done. B and I worked together to find a weekly 120-minute chunk of time to write (!) each week (!!) so hopefully this will happen still this week.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.01.36 PM

This looks worse than it is. It’s a focus for my writing day and I’m hoping to still make good on this goal soon. I’ve even lined up a few readers who are expecting something from me in early Feb. We’ll see if that helps me get motivated.

Stay tuned for next month when I’ll roll out my goals for 2015. Some of it is more of the same (2 more characters next year, more fiction practice and a few more chapters in my writing class textbook) and some of it is very new and exciting (the outline and a few short story sections for my actual novel!!)

Just Like That, I’m 78

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It was my birthday last Friday! It was a weekend full of so much fun. If you are going to celebrate your birthday, you should do it with kindergartners. I got the full birthday treatment: crown, sticker, something from the prize box and “Happy Birthday” sung by the whole class with “cha cha cha’s.”

Here are some of the best things:

  • Going with Brad, Hiram and Hiram’s kindergarten class to the nature reserve for a winter hike and “track tracking.” Hiram and his friends were very good at spotting “evidence of animals” – especially the poop! We also got to see an owl and a dead vole!
  • The bubble tea working date at the Tea Garden with B. It was just like our old grad school days and it felt amazing to be caught up on work by Friday afternoon. The rest of the weekend was computer work free!
  • Pizza Biga on Friday night with my parents and boys. My mom tried to bring the party up a notch by ordering what turned out to be the hugest beer I have ever seen. If you know my mom, you will know this is funny.
  • All the crazy fun on Saturday too! Even though it wasn’t my birthday anymore. Hanging out with Asher for a few hours, music class with Eldyn and a birthday party with all the best people there. Hiram gave me a card he picked out himself. It sings “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

The only downer of the weekend was the note we got from Hiram’s Kindergarten teacher:

Thanks again for volunteering on Friday’s field trip. We will be writing about the adventure next Friday. Hiram shared that his favorite part was celebrating Hadley’s birthday during a “pre-writing” lesson Friday afternoon. I then discovered a math area where Hiram has room for growth. Let’ s work on age estimation. I asked Hiram how old his mom was. He thought for a moment and then said, …..78

Needless to say, we WILL be working on age estimation.

Eldyn’s Dictionary: Tree Crumbs

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Tree Crumbs – [tree kruhms] (noun): A path of needle-like leaves that runs straight from a decorated evergreen, coniferous tree’s original position of prominence to a sad little spot in the alley. The remnants of Christmas. The major downside to getting our tree early is that we lose a lot of needles taking it out to the curb in January. It’s sad and also annoying. I thought I was the only one who hated it but I was wrong. Lew hates it too. Earlier this month when we were taking it down, he lashed out, “I have tree crumbs on my feet!”


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We mixed it up this year!

Instead of heading north for a date weekend in a cozy resort in freezing MN, we headed east to a cozy friend’s apartment in freezing NYC. What a riot! We were only there for a day and a half but in that time we saw two shows on Broadway, climbed up the “red steps” which were new since I’d been there last, had cocktails in the Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center, visited the original Winnie the Pooh and Friends in the public library, had tea time and saw the European Art wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visited the 9/11 memorial, saw Swatch the Dog at Mood Fabric store, and, AND, we got to see my good friend Dottie.

Saturday was cold and windy — not the best for re-learning the public transit system. But I can say that it did help to justify a few extra coffee treats and the amazing nap we took before our night on the town. Basically, we didn’t even scratch the surface but ohmygosh that was fun.

It was too cold to take my mittens off, let alone stop walking to take pictures, so I’m afraid you’ll have to make due with just this one picture of my cutie.

Eldyn: 3 Years + 1 Month

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The Update That Shall Remain Unnamed: At the risk of jinxing everything all to heck, I am giving this first update completely in code. Ready? In the past 2 weeks…let’s just say that it would be entirely possible for Lew to have, how shall I say it? His undies? In a bunch? Not that he does. Nothing like that. It’s just that it would be possible for him to find himself this way. Because he is (3 syllables, sounds like) naughty-brained. If you catch my drift.

Sweet Withdrawal: Eldyn is totally ticked that the holidays are over. Not because he wants more  presents or parties. But because he got used to the sweets lifestyle. Those sweet, sweet, sweets. Almost every night after dinner (and more!) He asked for a treat last week and was completely incensed when we told him we were flat-out. “What?!”

That’s Hot! I was a waitress for years. What this means, and what Eldyn has yet to understand, is that I can use my bare hands to remove certain things from the oven. Not all things. I’m not insane. But some things. When Eldyn sees me do this it throws him into a certain kind of panic. “No! Mom! That’s HOT!!!” Then he runs over to grab the oven mitts and insists (insists!) I wear them. He does not care if I need my fingers to be dexterous or my thumbs to oppose. All he knows is that, regardless of what I think, I really am insane.

2 Years + 1 Month

1 Year + 1 Month

1 Month

Hiram: 5 Years + 7 Months

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Twothless: TWO teeth missing in the front now. Just as I had hoped, he sounds super cute trying to say words that start with “S.” But now I am preparing myself for Hiram to look much, much older when those big adult teeth come in. At least for the moment, I’m still enjoying my baby-boy’s smile.

Cha-cha-cha-changes: Just when H got comfortable and somewhat settled into his kindergarten routine, we switched it up. He goes to a new place before and after school now and is doing such a good job. I’ve been trying to implement some “change management” tactics I learned at work but the poor bug has a better idea: just quit it with all the changes.

Write, write! Appropriately, Hiram is very proud of his new ability to sound out and actually write messages by himself. I guess we should have guessed it would totally backfire to have him write an apology letter as a consequence. He was so proud of his prolific note that he just kept reading it over and over, beaming with pride. I was actually a little worried he’d start acting up just for the pleasure of writing more notes.

4 Years + 7 Months

3 Years + 7 Months

2 Years + 7 Months

1 Year + 7 Months

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