Hiram: 5 Years + 7 Months

January 11, 2015 § Leave a comment


Twothless: TWO teeth missing in the front now. Just as I had hoped, he sounds super cute trying to say words that start with “S.” But now I am preparing myself for Hiram to look much, much older when those big adult teeth come in. At least for the moment, I’m still enjoying my baby-boy’s smile.

Cha-cha-cha-changes: Just when H got comfortable and somewhat settled into his kindergarten routine, we switched it up. He goes to a new place before and after school now and is doing such a good job. I’ve been trying to implement some “change management” tactics I learned at work but the poor bug has a better idea: just quit it with all the changes.

Write, write! Appropriately, Hiram is very proud of his new ability to sound out and actually write messages by himself. I guess we should have guessed it would totally backfire to have him write an apology letter as a consequence. He was so proud of his prolific note that he just kept reading it over and over, beaming with pride. I was actually a little worried he’d start acting up just for the pleasure of writing more notes.

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