Eldyn: 3 Years + 1 Month

January 14, 2015 § Leave a comment


The Update That Shall Remain Unnamed: At the risk of jinxing everything all to heck, I am giving this first update completely in code. Ready? In the past 2 weeks…let’s just say that it would be entirely possible for Lew to have, how shall I say it? His undies? In a bunch? Not that he does. Nothing like that. It’s just that it would be possible for him to find himself this way. Because he is (3 syllables, sounds like) naughty-brained. If you catch my drift.

Sweet Withdrawal: Eldyn is totally ticked that the holidays are over. Not because he wants more  presents or parties. But because he got used to the sweets lifestyle. Those sweet, sweet, sweets. Almost every night after dinner (and more!) He asked for a treat last week and was completely incensed when we told him we were flat-out. “What?!”

That’s Hot! I was a waitress for years. What this means, and what Eldyn has yet to understand, is that I can use my bare hands to remove certain things from the oven. Not all things. I’m not insane. But some things. When Eldyn sees me do this it throws him into a certain kind of panic. “No! Mom! That’s HOT!!!” Then he runs over to grab the oven mitts and insists (insists!) I wear them. He does not care if I need my fingers to be dexterous or my thumbs to oppose. All he knows is that, regardless of what I think, I really am insane.

2 Years + 1 Month

1 Year + 1 Month

1 Month



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