Just Like That, I’m 78

January 26, 2015 § Leave a comment


It was my birthday last Friday! It was a weekend full of so much fun. If you are going to celebrate your birthday, you should do it with kindergartners. I got the full birthday treatment: crown, sticker, something from the prize box and “Happy Birthday” sung by the whole class with “cha cha cha’s.”

Here are some of the best things:

  • Going with Brad, Hiram and Hiram’s kindergarten class to the nature reserve for a winter hike and “track tracking.” Hiram and his friends were very good at spotting “evidence of animals” – especially the poop! We also got to see an owl and a dead vole!
  • The bubble tea working date at the Tea Garden with B. It was just like our old grad school days and it felt amazing to be caught up on work by Friday afternoon. The rest of the weekend was computer work free!
  • Pizza Biga on Friday night with my parents and boys. My mom tried to bring the party up a notch by ordering what turned out to be the hugest beer I have ever seen. If you know my mom, you will know this is funny.
  • All the crazy fun on Saturday too! Even though it wasn’t my birthday anymore. Hanging out with Asher for a few hours, music class with Eldyn and a birthday party with all the best people there. Hiram gave me a card he picked out himself. It sings “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

The only downer of the weekend was the note we got from Hiram’s Kindergarten teacher:

Thanks again for volunteering on Friday’s field trip. We will be writing about the adventure next Friday. Hiram shared that his favorite part was celebrating Hadley’s birthday during a “pre-writing” lesson Friday afternoon. I then discovered a math area where Hiram has room for growth. Let’ s work on age estimation. I asked Hiram how old his mom was. He thought for a moment and then said, …..78

Needless to say, we WILL be working on age estimation.



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