Hiram: 5 Years + 8 Months

February 8, 2015 § Leave a comment


Bus Boy: Along with his change to a new daycare last month, he also started riding the bus to school. He is still not entirely sure he likes the bus but you can tell he’s pretty proud to hold the family title for “most bus rides in a day.” Especially when he goes on a field trip. To/from daycare, to/from the field trip AND a city bus ride home.  FIVE bus rides in a day? Beat that.

Winter Appreciation: Speaking of, sometimes he actually is too tired of the bus to ride it home with me at the end of the day. On those days, we walk. It’s 1.5 miles but he doesn’t get tired until the last few blocks. And even then he’s awesome. “Let’s just stop to look at the pretty winter sunset. And find pretty things.” No, I’m not kidding.

RunnaRunRun: And finally, new this month and one of my favorite updates ever is that Hiram is officially a runner. It started even before he got his new tie-shoes, but those things upped the interest big time.  He runs with Brad and I to the park and back, probably 2 miles round trip. And, on days when I work from home, I run to pick him up and then he runs home with me. The best part is that he’s the perfect running partner. Steady. Good pace. Good conversation. It’s a major mom perk and almost always at the highlight of my day.

4 years + 8 months

3 years + 8 months

2 years + 8 months

1 year + 8 months



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