2014 Top Ten

February 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

I kept waiting for a time when B and I could hash out our 2014 top 10 together, but then we had several semi-opportunities and didn’t adequately discuss. I guess it’s not surprising. There’s been a subtle shift since kindergarten started. Much more “Do stuff on your own (or with +1 kid) and report back. If I’m not asleep. Otherwise please save for the next time I actually see your face.”

And so, I am doing it on my own and B can read at his leisure. B – please do yours too and report back. If I’m not asleep. Otherwise, document in the comments and we can discuss when I actually see your face. Love you.

Hadley’s top 10 – Not in any order

  1. Nailing a bunch of writing goals including: writing Dolly, Publishing Antler A, getting an awesome writing mentor
  2. Seeing Hiram learn to read
  3. Our family vacation to Chicago (highlights within this highlight include the cave, the sail boat, pizza night in Chicago and watching Hiram watch the Aquatics show)
  4. B and my trip to Tofte last February
  5. Our new front door
  6. Eldyn’s independence (now he can dress himself, sing in choir, explain how he feels and even water my plants)
  7. Cirque du Soleil date night with ALL my boys
  8. Eldyn’s kitty costume – So stinking cute AND handmade. A rare combo in this house. At least when I make it.
  9. Discovering Hiram’s artistic inclinations
  10. The Winter Olympics – it was way too cold and perfect TV watching weather last February. I took FULL advantage and have recently been wishing they were on again.

(It will be interesting to see if I have to change any of mine once I see B’s. I usually change a few, so…)



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