Family Day – Science and Other Amusements

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We took a spring break hooky day* yesterday!

Sunday night, Hiram started his usual grumbling about the next day being Monday. It was so, so fun to be able to tell him that we agreed! One more home day would be fun. And YES, just this time, we were going to do it! I realize this trick would lose its luster if we did it every week. But oh man.

We started with oatmeal at Nina’s and then SPACE at the Science Museum. For reasons my introverted self could not understand, we also went to the Mall of America after nap/quiet time. Hiram earned 2 free rides during the Read-a-Thon at school so clearly, we needed to do that.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. It’s really hard to remember that today is Tuesday.

* OK fine, not exactly a hooky day since both our bosses approved our vacation time off. But it was very last-minute so it still felt a little bit naughty.


Lew’s Dictionary: Steakin

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Steakin – [stey kuh n] (noun) Something very, very delicious. Some people eat steakin with lettuce and tomato but Eldyn would rather eat it all on its own. 

I got the coveted request to make BLTs…errr, SLT’s more often for dinner. From both brothers actually. Any mom will tell you that this is not easy to do and often requires cheating with bacon. Unfortunately, they were still dissatisfied with my overall submission as I had prepared a meager two slices of bacon per person.  After they polished off their slices, they were still hungry. I offered up the usual. Apples? Pears? Yogurt? The remaining BLT ingredients still on your plate?

“No! I Want.More.Steakin!”


Write a Novel: March 2015 Update

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Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 8.16.31 PM


I can’t remember the last time I felt caught up on my writing progress. But that was the case in March. I also can’t remember a time when I did so very little work. I literally woke up one morning in early March with a clear idea about how to take Wentworth to the next step. I’m ready to write him. I know exactly how to write him.

Coincidence? Or proof that this looser approach to writing is working? I’m going with the second option because otherwise I was a total slacker this month.

I also have this irresistible urge to work on things out of order. As any writer knows, an irresistible urge to do anything writing-related in any order whatsoever is a signal that you better drop everything and follow the urge. So that is what I just may do.

Stay tuned.


The Secret to Weight Loss

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A few weeks ago, Hiram came home from Kindergarten in a funk. When I asked him what was the matter, he told me he “wanted to be a better kindergartener.” When I asked him what he could do to be a better kindergartener, he had two ideas:

  • Stop getting timeout at school
  • Stop sucking his thumb

I did not know he was getting timeouts.

Anyway. I thought the desire to be a better kindergartener was something to foster so I helped him formulate a goal. Together, we landed on 5 days without timeout at school. To celebrate: Chuck E Cheese’s. Also PS: He thought he’d just stop sucking his thumb.

At first, it was a little touch and go. A day without timeout and then a day with timeout. And then there was the day he said, “Mom, I sucked my thumb today. Way too much.” But now he reports good days all the time.

Last night I told Hiram I wanted to stop eating so many sweets. I think with all the TGT stress-eating I’ve gained 10 pounds and crave candy constantly. I know from experience that if I cut out sweets for a week or two, the craving goes away and it’s a lot easier to manage. So, I told Hiram my goal was two weeks without a treat.

He looked at me with such pity.

But then he told me he’d help me with my goal. He said he was going to ask me every night if I had a treat.

Today was my first day on this plan. After lunch I wanted a cookie. But then I remembered that I was going to have to look Hiram in the eye and say, “I know you’re working your tail off to stop sucking your thumb and that sometimes you sit on your hands so you don’t get timeout, but I went ahead and had that cookie anyway.”

Yeah. That is not happening.

The Trials of Trendsetting

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It doesn’t sound like his classmates were quite on board with this look just yet — sadly, having multi-colored fingernails made his day at school a little rough. He ultimately opted to go back to his more natural style but not before posing for this photo that makes me want to bundle him up and keep him in a place where he will always know he’s this awesome.

Eldyn: 3 Years + 3 Months

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I want to smile (all the time) at the things Eldyn does but I am not always sure if he’s trying to be funny so I try to keep my face straight unless he’s obviously going for the gag.

Storyteller: Eldyn loves a good story. He loves to hear stories. He loves to watch stories. AND he loves to tell them. Big long ones with lots of twists and turns. He’s getting very good at telling them too. He uses awesome words to enhance his stories but by far the best word he uses is “began.” “And then, I began to get veeeeeery cold.” Or, “The hockey net began to come out of the shed and it began to hit me. Right on the nose!”

Rubber Pants: If I were Lew, I’d be working hard on convincing the adults in my life that I could ditch the rubber pants that daycare requires until he proves he can be accident free. But I’m not Lew and Lew doesn’t seem to care about wearing rubber pants. Nope. He wears these crinkly, bunchy underwear overcoats with pride and seems to appreciate that they catch his pee when he’s too busy for the bathroom. Maybe the summer humidity will push him over? Either that or the princess underwear he’s got his eye on at Target.

Hungry Hippo: Eldyn ate a “hippo ball” this month. In case you aren’t familiar, a Hippo Ball is a plastic marble from the Hungry Hippos game. He ate it seemingly on purpose along with something else he said was “white garbage.” By the time we knew he ate it we could already tell he was “OK” so there was never much worry. Although I was still very happy to hear him holler from the bathroom, “Mom! I pooped out the hippo ball!” Child has no sense.

Also, said hippo ball *may or may not* be saved in his baby box. All Lew knows is that if you eat something, it’s gone for good. No chance of pooping it out and then reinserting it back into the toy rotation. That’s just not the precedent we like to set around here.

2 Years + 3 Months

1 Year + 3 Months

3 Months


Hiram: 5 Years + 9 Months (a.k.a. Pretend 6)

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Pretend 6: Since he’s got a summer birthday, Hiram is one of the lucky kids who gets to celebrate his birthday early in kindergarten. “Hiram fest” as his teacher called it, was Friday, March 6 and now Hiram says he’s “Pretend 6.”

I dropped him off that morning which meant I was there when he received his birthday necklace, sticker, prize and, most importantly, his crown. The crown was six inches high but Hiram was 10 inches taller with that thing on his head. Since then, it was Koala’s birthday and you can see Koala got the full treatment too.


Swimming: Hiram knows how to swim! Actually swim! Face in the water. Paddle, paddle. He has said before that he knows how to swim, but this is the first time I’ve seen him do it. Now that I’ve seen it in person, it counts.

Snip, Clip, Cut, Tape: Hiram’s art has transitioned recently to something that requires quite a lot of cutting and taping. In addition to the mask and crown pictured above he’s also been making elaborate pieces that include homemade boxes filled with homemade paper trinkets, paper jewelry and love letters to his family folded up into tiny little bits. We might not have any snow outside but we’ve got the snow effect going on all over the house with his cut up remnants.

4 Years + 9 Months

Three and Three Quarters

2 Years + 9 Months

1 Year + 9 Months

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