Eldyn: 3 Years + 3 Months

March 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


I want to smile (all the time) at the things Eldyn does but I am not always sure if he’s trying to be funny so I try to keep my face straight unless he’s obviously going for the gag.

Storyteller: Eldyn loves a good story. He loves to hear stories. He loves to watch stories. AND he loves to tell them. Big long ones with lots of twists and turns. He’s getting very good at telling them too. He uses awesome words to enhance his stories but by far the best word he uses is “began.” “And then, I began to get veeeeeery cold.” Or, “The hockey net began to come out of the shed and it began to hit me. Right on the nose!”

Rubber Pants: If I were Lew, I’d be working hard on convincing the adults in my life that I could ditch the rubber pants that daycare requires until he proves he can be accident free. But I’m not Lew and Lew doesn’t seem to care about wearing rubber pants. Nope. He wears these crinkly, bunchy underwear overcoats with pride and seems to appreciate that they catch his pee when he’s too busy for the bathroom. Maybe the summer humidity will push him over? Either that or the princess underwear he’s got his eye on at Target.

Hungry Hippo: Eldyn ate a “hippo ball” this month. In case you aren’t familiar, a Hippo Ball is a plastic marble from the Hungry Hippos game. He ate it seemingly on purpose along with something else he said was “white garbage.” By the time we knew he ate it we could already tell he was “OK” so there was never much worry. Although I was still very happy to hear him holler from the bathroom, “Mom! I pooped out the hippo ball!” Child has no sense.

Also, said hippo ball *may or may not* be saved in his baby box. All Lew knows is that if you eat something, it’s gone for good. No chance of pooping it out and then reinserting it back into the toy rotation. That’s just not the precedent we like to set around here.

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