Eldyn: 3 Years + 4 Months

April 14, 2015 § Leave a comment


Pedal, Pedal! We got a new tag-along bike for Eldyn that attaches to mine, is his size AND has pedals! He is so thrilled (Upon seeing it, he said, “What in the HECK in the WORLD!!??”) and told me that he thinks we should always just ride our bikes. I like it too. It’s like a turbo booster.

Rocking Out: When we rearranged Lew’s room, we put the rocking chair in the living room. About a week after we made the change he asked me, “When will you put my rocking chair back?” Change is hard, so I tried giving it a little more time (Plus, it’s so big! We barely used it!) But, he never gave up the fight. Finally, last weekend, we put it back. It takes up a lot of room and he doesn’t care.

Accident-Free: We made the switch! No more rubber pants for Lew. AND, more importantly, no more accidents*. He’s really, very far along in the potty training process. I still have my sanity and Eldyn has all kinds of underwear – each with a different and equally awesome picture of something on it. This is a major milestone.

*Some restrictions to this claim may still apply.

2 Years + 4 Months

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4 Months


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