Memorial Day 2015

May 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

The long weekend was a little less lazy than I’d hoped. But, I did learn and accomplish a lot. Which, now that I have a half-Tuesday between me and the weekend, makes me happy. Here are a few of the…things:

  • Now I understand all I ever wanted to know about the sand-point well we have at our cabin. I know how it works and that even if you know how it works it might not work. I also know how to make a new one if your other one stops working and that I am not personally strong enough to make a new one but thank God Brad is.
  • I know that you should never, ever put an elbow in a sand-point well. Unless you are planning to move to Montana before the elbow causes the pipes to freeze during a very cold winter. Then, I guess it is OK for you but not for the owners of the sand point well.
  • I still don’t know why you would ever put an elbow in a sand-point well. Unfortunately the guy who knows the answer to that is in Montana.
  • I know I can successfully sell Antler, A to stores in Grand Rapids (!) even with a horrible head-cold that makes me significantly less easy and breezy than usual. Proof that Antler A sells itself. On this front, stay tuned for Antler A news later this week.
  • I learned that Eldyn is really very easygoing, especially as an only child. Lew went early with me to Grand Rapids and then trooped along for all the sales calls on Friday. He even took a nap when we asked him to take it. After all that he asked me, “Mom? How’s your sick?” I already knew this but I still know that I am lucky to be Eldyn’s mom.
  • I learned that along with your three-year-old son, it is helpful to have your mom and dad along on sales calls because they make you braver. Just like they always do.

Happy Belated Memorial Day and thanks a million to the Service men and women who made it possible for me to have and learn from all these amazing first-world problems.


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