Hiram: 6 Years!

June 6, 2015 § Leave a comment


Look at this big man. Finishes Kindergarten and turns 6 all within 24 hours.

Monkey Club: Oh goodness Hiram can climb. And monkey bar.  In fact, there’s even a club with what seems to be an official roster at school. The other day he brought home a paper that said, “Moncee Klb” and then listed all the members. As you know, I’m trying to be cool. But I did give him a rundown of rules I made up when I was a tree climber and which I presented as, basically, law. These include:

  • Three out of your four arms/legs must be on the tree at all times
  • No more than two arms/legs are allowed on the same branch at any one time
  • Try have at least one branch below the branch you’re standing on

Then I caught him climbing a very dead tree at the cabin and told him he wasn’t allowed to climb it. “Mom,” he said. “‘No climbing dead trees’ wasn’t one of your rules.”

Fun Run: Hiram and I finished his first one-mile fun run last weekend and that was a dream-come-true for me. We had numbers and a starting line and medals at the finish! He set the pace and had his sights set on beating a super fast girl, which meant we were doing Fartleks almost the whole way. But I did manage to keep up. I fear that was one of the first/last/only times that is going to ever happen.

Doesn’t Cut It: Hiram surprised me by being ticked about his most recent haircut. Up until now, I always got to say how his haircut should look. But this time… “I look bald!” He said. I was just trying to give him a cool cut for summer but apparently now it is important to weigh cool with *cool*. Alrighty six-year-old. Let’s see what you say next time.

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