The Bat

June 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

There is nothing to describe the combined terror and relief I felt the other night when Brad woke me up by throwing the covers entirely over my head. “Don’t move. Don’t look. Don’t worry.” That is what he said.

From my “happy place” under the covers, I listened as he proceeded to battle our intruder, which I gathered from the squeaking and other icky sounds, was a bat. There was swatting. There was grunting. There was swishing and a whapping towel. There was also a ruckus that happened right on the bed. On my covered legs. While I did my own version of squeaking.

This was our second encounter with this bat in 48 hours (yes, the entrance hole has been PLUGGED) and now I know with certainty that I lose my entire mind when it comes to bats. Thank God and all that is holy that Brad has so far been there to handle both instances. Otherwise, I am sure I would be writing this from a room in the hotel up the street.



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