Black Hills 2015 – Day 1

June 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

Did you miss us? We’re just back from a 10-day vacation to the Black Hills! Because I’m always sad to get back from vacation, I’m posting one-a-day entries for the next week or so so that I can re-live the happiness.

Day 1 of vacation got off to a slightly later start than we had hoped thanks to the fact that I still have a job at TGT. Thursday morning was the first day after another round of layoffs and they were holding a meeting where they promised to finally explain everything. After waiting almost six months to have things explained, there was no way I was missing it. The boys were great sports about it.


After the four-hour delay, they picked me up  and then we were on the road.


Despite my worries, the late start barely even fazed us. We made it to Sioux Falls by dinnertime, found a cute pizza place in the trendy Uptown neighborhood, and still made it to bed before anyone had a meltdown.

Something that always happens on vacation is that the things I most look forward to are not the things I love. Our hotel was the one I thought would be a highlight because it was South-Dakota-Fancy and right on the Great Sioux River. Sadly, when we got there we found out they were installing Hardie Plank siding so our window was entirely obstructed by scaffolding (a.k.a. Look! A fort is out our window! Can we climb on it?) No river view for us!

No problem. It only means the best is yet to come.

Vacation Badges Earned:

  • Patience
  • South Dakota (new state for B, H and E)


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