Black Hills 2015 – Day 3

July 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

“So far this year, we’ve only had one helicopter rescue!!”

We planned just enough time for hiking in the Badlands. It started at 8:30 with a guided tour. Then we were sent off on our own.

Our tour guide had this fancy way of telling us we were free to go wherever we wanted and that we were crazy to go wherever we wanted. (“So far this season, we’ve only just had two severe falls and one helicopter rescue!” And, “See how this limestone formation just crumbles in my hands?!? Imagine climbing down from up there!”)

This same tour guide insisted I shouldn’t worry about my kids — that I would be the one injured while my kids got away with just a scratch or two. Knowing myself, and knowing my kids, I knew he was wrong on that count and decided to keep a worried eye on things.


We ate a picnic lunch there before tackling the last two (and most car-trip-grueling) hours to our camping cabin. We were all happy to get settled in with the idea that there would be no more long drives for at least a few days. We cooked steak while it was sunny AND raining and had an early Father’s Day dinner. Hiram made Brad “the best marshmallow ever” as a Father’s Day gift.

Then! Surprise! Another insane storm. This one was less wind and a lot more rain. And what sounded like hail. Again, there was an hour of being on-guard while the boys slept and the cabin shook with thunder.

This weather! It’s creating sleep patterns that remind me of mothering a newborn.

Vacation Badges Earned:

  • National Park (Badlands)
  • Mountain Camping
  • Advanced Weather Spotting


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