Black Hills 2015 – Day 5

July 3, 2015 § 1 Comment


With high hopes for the “Wildlife Loop,” we set our alarm for early on Day 5. I had visions of driving through an entire herd of Buffalo – close enough to hear their fur brushing the doors of our car. I don’t know how I got this vision but it did not come to fruition. Instead, we saw exactly one buffalo butt. We also saw many other animals including pronghorn deer, burros and prairie dogs. It was fun to actually hear the moment when Hiram fell in love with prairie dogs. “Ohhhh. I want to bring one home.”


The drive was mainly through prairie, which is admittedly not that interesting without herds of buffalo to distract. And so we were happy to get back to town where we found a coffee shop! And a park! Two things we’ve been short on this vacation so far. We spent the rest of the morning drinking coffee and playing on the monkey bars.

After naptime we finally saw Mount Rushmore, which the boys had been watching for in earnest since we left Minneapolis. Upon seeing the faces, Hiram called it “creepy.” It occurred to me then that I should explain that the faces had been put there intentionally which seemed to ease his concerns.

Here are videos of Hiram/Eldyn reflecting on Mt. Rushmore:

We had a great time at Mount Rushmore and then stopped for a quick climb at the Dinosaur Park and Target before dinner out. We got back to the cabin late and that made bedtime the easiest one so far.

Thanks to the new foam pad we added to the top of our mattress, I slept like a rock. The weather finally cooperated too.

Vacation Badges Earned:

  • National Monument (Mt. Rushmore)
  • Animal Observation (natural habitat)
  • Creature Comforts


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