Black Hills 2015 – Day 6

July 4, 2015 § Leave a comment


Day 6 was cave day! We had narrowed our cave choices down to two – the Wind Cave and the Jewel Cave. Eldyn, who had been craving a chance to assert himself, got to pick the cave. He picked Wind. I thought the wind cave was going to be windy but it turns out it’s not. Actually, the cave is named that because it adjusts to the surrounding barometric pressure and “breathes” in and out to equalize itself. I am just glad it wasn’t windy.

The other interesting features of this cave, besides the fact that it breathes, is that it has “box work” formations and is the “most complex” of all caves. “Think  of yourselves as ants.” That was pretty cool.


Then we did a car nap for Lew. To ensure he had enough time to sleep, we on purpose took the long way to Reptile Gardens. That place was less tourist trappy than I thought it would be. We did see an alligator show with actual alligator wrestling though, so that should give you an idea of what I was expecting. The boys loved Reptile Gardens so much, we might have to take advantage of our free return pass later this week.

We stopped in Hill City for dinner on the way back to our cabin and managed to pick a pretty terrible place for dinner. We should have left when the cook (who was actively spitting chew) came out of the kitchen to have a very loud rant about how they were out of everything and to not “expect anything to be ready anytime soon.” As I re-read this sentence, I really have no idea why we didn’t leave then/there.

Vacation Badges Earned:

  • Spelunking
  • Alligator Wrestling
  • Live/Learn


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