Hiram: 6 Years + 1 Month

July 8, 2015 § 1 Comment


Hiram’s July monthly update is going to be so easy thanks to the vacation we just took. With all the extra time together, I learned a bunch of new things about him.

Photo Op: Most importantly, I found out that Hiram absolutely loves having his picture taken with his face sticking out of a board that has been painted to make him look like an alligator wrestler, ear of corn or whatever else.






Stuffed Animals: Remember when I migrated all Hiram’s stuffed animals to Eldyn’s room? I did this because I was convinced Hiram did not care about stuffed animals and would actually prefer the free space instead. This was either a false assumption or Hiram has just recently reversed his opinion on plush toys. He spent almost his entire vacation souvenir budget on new animals and still doesn’t feel fulfilled.

Lap Swim: It is just so fun to see Hiram make swimming progress. This month, we were there to see him set and achieve the goal of swimming all the way across the motel pool. He also loves to go for diving rings and does not seem at all worried about making time to breathe. Forced time-outs are pretty much the only way we’ve found to make sure he gets any oxygen. Maybe he really is a fish.

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