Eldyn: 3 Years + 7 Months

July 13, 2015 § Leave a comment


Mini Golfer: Playing mini golf with Eldyn is the best. How can you not feel like celebrating every mini victory with this guy in your party?


Probably his favorite hole ever was the one where you aim for the drain in a potty. But he tackles each one with the same vigor. Here is a video of E getting a hole in…who really gives a hoot?

Muscle Mom: Since it’s CSA season we put leafy greens in everything. This totally grosses Eldyn out. Especially when he saw me eating kale in my eggs. I told him that is why I am so (incredibly!) strong and it seemed to resonate. Now when he wants me to carry him he says, “You can do it, you eat lettuce in your eggs.

Hoodie: I was worried I ruined Eldyn on hoodies when I forced him to wear a “handy hoodie” that year he wouldn’t keep his mittens on. (A handy hoodie was my invention – just mittens sewn onto a hoodie sweatshirt so they could not come off. I would have patented and sold this brilliance except Lew made me feel I had invented a torture device.) Anyway, now that it’s 90 out, Lew insists on only wearing shirts with hoods. He is a sweaty head but doesn’t seem to give a hoot.

2 Years + 7 Months

1 Year + 7 Months

7 Months


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