Hiram: 6 Years + 2 Months

August 10, 2015 § Leave a comment


Can You Dig It? Hiram’s got a major construction project going on in the back yard right now. Initially, his plan was to dig straight down (to China) but then the scope changed. Now he’s more interested in digging literal miles of underground tunnels in the yard. A few weeks ago, I approved this idea because it was nowhere near a power line and I thought it would keep him busy for a few hours. It kept him busy alright. So busy that tonight we actually had to have a conversation where B said, “You can NOT go into your tunnel unless one of us is there. “Why?” he asked. “In case I accidentally pop up in the neighbor’s yard?”

Zzzzz. Whenever I tuck Hiram in, I sing him a song and rub his back. But lately he’s been insisting on rubbing my back instead. I am not complaining, but I am having serious trouble not falling asleep when he does it. That child has very intuitive back-rubbing abilities. I told him he should consider a career in massage therapy and he said, “I would NEVER want to rub someone’s back for TWO HOURS, mom.” Darn.

Muscles: One thing Hiram already knows is that he wants big muscles. Mostly, I think this is because his all-time favorite free-time activity is “monkey bars.” Of course, I told him there is absolutely no way he will get big muscles without going to bed on time and eating vegetables. But I also tried to explain the idea of using your muscles to help them grow. After which, he started doing this.


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