Eldyn: 3 Years + 8 Months

August 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


New Buddy: Sometimes Lew likes to meet me at the end of my morning run for a victory lap around the block. Last week when I stopped to pick him up, he was tenderly holding a cute little…slug. I suggested we leave the slug in the yard but Eldyn refused. “No!” he said. “This is my buddy.” And so, we brought him along. Unfortunately (for the slug) we dropped him on the sidewalk after just the first turn. Fortunately (for me) we only had to search for a minute or two before I was able to convince Lew we would be able to find him a new buddy.

Watch This: If watching this kid sing in front of church isn’t enough to convince you he loves attention, just take him to a park to play. “Mom! Watch this!” “Look at me!” “Mom! Mom! Mommmmm! Watch.” I’m taking a tip from the pages of his own dictionary when I say that usually, whatever it is he has to show us is…interesting.

Undies in a Bunch: Eldyn does a lot of his own dressing and almost always remembers to put on his underwear! The thing I can’t understand is how he doesn’t notice or mind when his shorts look like this. (He just does not care.)


2 Years + 8 Months

1 Year + 8 Months

8 Months


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