Slowing Down

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Now that it’s dark in the morning, getting ready for my 6 a.m. run is trickier. Feeling around for a clean pair of running shorts and t-shirt is a lot harder (and louder) in the dark.

Also, Eldyn is back to his old way of coming in to sleep with us at about 5:30 each morning. He always comes equipped with his blanket, a stuffed animal and (the ever-optimist that he is) a book.

It really is getting dark out there. Last Tuesday I made such a ruckus finding my things that Eldyn woke up again at 6. As I was “sneaking” out the door to head down the stairs, I heard his feet. Then I felt his warm little hand slip into mine. “Where are we going, mama?”

I knew right then we weren’t going anywhere. We were staying together and staying put. Even though I missed my run, I wouldn’t have missed that dark morning for anything.


Farm Report: September Week 3

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If you want to feel like a fancy pants, just grow soybeans. You can call them edamame and put sea salt on them, see? That’s fancy. And your kids will eat them and be fancy too. As long as you can convince them that edamame is not just a fancy word for Lima bean. Lima beans are not fancy.

Overall, I’m happy with our soybean crop. Although from a square foot gardening perspective, these guys are space hogs. They get planted early spring and sit there all fat and smug all summer. “Don’t bother me, I’m making edamame.”

When they finally start producing, they do bring their A Game so they get to stay on the roster.

Four Things + Megan’s Famous

September 17, 2015 § 1 Comment

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.09.24 PM

First of all, this weekend is LoLa. That’s short for League of Longfellow Artists but it means “Super Awesome Art Crawl” and it’s happening on Saturday and Sunday.

Second, Megan will be in the art crawl (she was kind of in charge of the art crawl) so now’s your chance to get art before cutie baby girl Smith comes next month. Not that you can’t get art after that, but why not have a sense of urgency?

Third, here’s an article about Megan and the LoLa Art Crawl from the UMN Daily!

Fourth, I got to help by being interviewed about Megan and LoLa for the article so there are quotes from me too. I’m thrilled I got to help and hope she’s not mad about that one thing I said.

See you at LOLA this weekend.

Eldyn: 3 Years + 9 Months

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Oy-yoy-yoi: Eldyn still has this completely adorable speech pattern where the “ar” sound comes out “oi.” I know it won’t last forever and I will miss it when it’s gone. Here are a few of my most favorite applications:

  • Let’s play with Boy-bie and Ken
  • That cow lives on a foim
  • I like that goil with the big blue eyes

Liar: Eldyn is a flat-out liar. says not to worry and that it just means he has a good imagination. But it is a little alarming. So far this week, he’s told me he’s walked to preschool and back by himself (16 miles round trip), fought off a dragon with his bare hands and made arrangements with “a guy” to “buy a car.”

Seeds: Whenever Eldyn sees a seed, he proclaims, “If I plant this, a [whatever] will grow!” Kid knows his stuff. Last week, we even planted an apple seed he found in his snack. Yesterday, he was eating corn tortillas with flaxseed and got a really great idea about how to get his hands on more chips. “If I plant this, a chip tree will grow!”

2 Years + 9 Months

1 Year + 9 Months

9 Months

9 Years!

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It was our golden anniversary last Wednesday (9 years on 9/9!) We had a great time on our anniversary day – we went on a walk AND a run. We went out to eat for breakfast AND for lunch (then we were too full for dinner.) We also watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon. I can’t actually remember the last time I did that (and wasn’t sick). YES!

In honor of 9 years, here are what we think are the nine best things we’re doing together right now:

  1. Raising Hiram to be smart, thoughtful and everything else he wants to be
  2. Raising Eldyn to be funny, nurturing and everything else he wants to be
  3. Building a family who loves to be together
  4. Teaching our boys to be there for each other
  5. Teaching our boys to follow their dreams
  6. Taking the road less traveled, because its best for us
  7. Prioritizing the work it takes to make a difference
  8. Prioritizing time and love
  9. Letting our hearts weigh in

Just think, baby, about what is to come. Love you love you love you.

Labor Day Weekend – 2015

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This weekend was awesome! We on purpose didn’t have a to-do list. Doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything but it’s fun to see what ended up doing with “no prior direction.” Here’s a list of fun:

  • Reading in the fort with Hiram
  • Playing hockey with Eldyn
  • Swimming one last time at the park
  • Mini-golfing at the sculpture garden golf course (Lew got TWO holes in one!)
  • Taking a walk through the neighborhood and seeing “everyone”
  • Labor Day BBQ with delicious food and great friends
  • Making sun tea
  • Propagating African Violets
  • Harvesting heirloom tomato seeds
  • Re-potting a bunch of house plants
  • Framing a print I’ve had since January
  • Reading in a lawn lounge chair
  • Finally putting a patch on the hole in Hiram’s Superman shirt

I already miss summer.

Hiram: 6 Years + 3 Months

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First Grader: First Grade. It just suits Hiram. It’s like something clicked in his head and now he knows he’s big. And, he likes it that way. Almost every day, there’s some new (awesome) thing he does because he’s in First Grade. Things like: Not crying “like a baby” (his words) when I ask him to do chores, trying hard to make new friends and proactively doing things without being asked. Let’s hope this is more than just the first grade honeymoon phase.

Big Spender: Poor Hiram has the obsessive/compulsive money-saving gene from his mama. That kid will NOT spend his allowance. But lately, finally, he’s loosened the purse strings a bit and purchased a few new things for himself. Both good purchases in my opinion. A hot wheel truck that carries 50 cars (!) and his very own relaxation “breathing ball” like the one they have at school (pictured above).

Frog and Toad: I got Frog and Toad from the library for Hiram to read and at first he was ticked. “There are so many words, mom! The letters are so little!” But then he started reading it and realized he could and now there is no stopping him. That. Is what is fun about being the mom.

5 Years + 3 Months

4 Years + 3 Months

 3 Years + 3 Months

3 Years + 3 Months

1 Year + 3 Months

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