Hiram: 6 Years + 3 Months

September 6, 2015 § Leave a comment


First Grader: First Grade. It just suits Hiram. It’s like something clicked in his head and now he knows he’s big. And, he likes it that way. Almost every day, there’s some new (awesome) thing he does because he’s in First Grade. Things like: Not crying “like a baby” (his words) when I ask him to do chores, trying hard to make new friends and proactively doing things without being asked. Let’s hope this is more than just the first grade honeymoon phase.

Big Spender: Poor Hiram has the obsessive/compulsive money-saving gene from his mama. That kid will NOT spend his allowance. But lately, finally, he’s loosened the purse strings a bit and purchased a few new things for himself. Both good purchases in my opinion. A hot wheel truck that carries 50 cars (!) and his very own relaxation “breathing ball” like the one they have at school (pictured above).

Frog and Toad: I got Frog and Toad from the library for Hiram to read and at first he was ticked. “There are so many words, mom! The letters are so little!” But then he started reading it and realized he could and now there is no stopping him. That. Is what is fun about being the mom.

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