Eldyn: 3 Years + 10 Months

October 15, 2015 § Leave a comment


Recently, Eldyn has started telling people he’s “three and a half quarters” He means, of course, that he’s almost four (gulp). How long can I keep telling people he’s my baby?

Let’s just not worry about that today. Here are a few of his “best of’s” from the past month.

Layers and Layers: Lew got the “layering” fashion memo this fall and is taking it to heart. I think his record so far is four long-sleeved t-shirts at once. And he should get extra credit because one of those was the kind that looks like a t-shirt with a long shirt underneath.

Shoe News: Also this month in fashion, Eldyn is ahead of the curve with the idea of wearing two different shoes. The first day he did it, he wore one sandal and one tennis shoe. He was getting all kinds of sympathy at the coffee shop until I realized everyone thought he was wearing a broken-leg-walking-boot on one of his feet. It did kind of look like that.

Write it Up: Here it comes. The writing and drawing phase! Oh man I love it. He writes E’s and l’s and other letters too! And his tight little drawings of things already have their own distinct look. I know we probably already have too much scratch paper floating around this house but I really don’t care.

2 Years + 10 Months

1 Year + 10 Months

10 Months



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