Hiram: 6 Years + 5 Months

November 9, 2015 § Leave a comment


There are so many differences between kindergarten and first grade. As we got settled into the new school year, October was full of poignant examples of how far Hiram has come.

I Feel Fine – One of the best examples is the easier, breezier way Hiram acclimates to new things. Last year, drop off involved the actual peeling back of H’s little fingers, arms, legs and then fingers again, running like a crazy mama out the door and sobbing into my coffee cup on the curb. Daily. For months. This year, he couldn’t care less when I go. And that is just fine with me.

All Fun – Hiram and I now officially like playing the same kinds of games. And doing the same puzzles. The other night we got going on a 100-piecer with only 3 minutes left until bedtime. And then we both got in trouble with Hiram’s dad for not finding a stopping spot soon enough. Ooops.

Cool Duds – Hiram needed new long-sleeved shirts this fall so I did what I usually do which is go to a store, buy a bunch and hope he likes them. Usually I strike out on at least a few but this year all his new shirts have been represented equally in the rotation. Then he told me I did a good job picking out his shirts (!) “I must be learning your style,” I said. “Yep,” he replied, “Now you know that my style is ‘cool.'”
5 Years + 5 Months

4 Years + 5 Months

3 Years + 5 Months

2 Years + 5 Months

1 Year + 5 Months


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