Eldyn: 3 Years + 11 Months

November 15, 2015 § 2 Comments


I’m getting myself all worked up about the fact that this is the last month any of my kids will be 3 + anything. Yikes. At least 4 is one of my favorite ages ever. Here are a few stories about our favorite Shoeless Lewless.

This One’s Just Right: Eldyn has this completely adorable way of climbing into our bed and sleeping there. It’s adorable (and not exhausting) because he does it right away after we tuck him in and not when we’re already trying to sleep there too. The unspoken deal is that then we go up, find him, and move him into his own spot when we’re ready for bed.

Nesting: Also, whether he’s asleep in our bed or his own, Lew is in a phase where he likes to make little nests to sleep on. One night when we picked him up to move him, we found out that he was sound asleep on a pile of matchbox cars, little (pointy) dinosaur figurines and his Barbie. Another night, it was a pile of 30+ perfectly flattened tissues all in a pile. It’s like a little bedtime surprise for B and me.

Two Wheels: I am not sure Lew wants anyone to know this but HE RODE HIS TWO WHEEL BIKE. Without training wheels! All by himself! He told us he wanted to take the training wheels off and that he knew he could ride without them. So we took them off and off he went! But as soon as he realized B wasn’t holding him up, he stopped. He got off his bike, climbed into my arms and told me he wanted me to carry him home.

You know the story where the mom runs beside the kid on the bike and lets go and cries as she stands there watching him ride off down the sidewalk to adulthood? I thought about that story while I was carrying my big boy back the half-block home. That was a moment just for me. That was the universe, reminding me that no matter how big they get, there’s always a chance they’re gonna need their mama.

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